Captain Jose

My name is José Efrain Gomez Perez, but everyone knows me as José. I’ve lived in Xcalak for more than 30 years and have made the sea my life. I take pride in the beauty of our small Pueblo and in my work. My wife Maricela and I have been married for 24 years and we have two wonderful sons, Javier, 16, and Jorge, 18, who both share my interest in the lagoons, reefs, and the ocean.

I have worked more than 26 years as a fishing guide, specializing in salt-water fly fishing, trolling, and spin casting. Because I have travelled the surrounding waters so often, I know many, many good places to visit -- not only for fishing, but for birding, snorkeling, relaxing and sightseeing anywhere within the Xcalak National Park and the nearby Chetumal Bay.

It’s my privilege to have work that I love. My clients are always happy and tell me that I am a good guide probably because they have had many good days of fishing and some great days. Quite a few of my clients can proudly recall their grand slams and a few can even recall some super grand slams. But all of them remember the incredible skies, the beautiful waters, and the tranquility that comes with fishing here.

I enjoy sharing my knowledge of fish, birds, animals, and the area and so invite you and your family to join me soon on an adventure exploring the beautiful Xcalak area.